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We deliver technology services and solutions, including, Project Management, R&D Tax Incentive Project Management, Application Development and Professional Training Services.

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Strategy and Planning vs Chaos

The world we live in is in constant change and the need to initiate projects is inevitable. We live in times of exponential growth and many products and services that were relevant ‘yesterday’ have no relevance today. Understanding the drivers for change and making the right decision for your business to embrace change and initiate projects is crucial. Intuitively, we can understand that big projects with big budgets and long delivery times are inherently risky. So, how do organisations and businesses adapt to the changing world and make the right decisions when they perceive an opportunity or need for a new project?

If big projects are too risky then how do we address that risk? Is it as simple as becoming more ‘Agile’, a word that is in such popular use today that it is itself at risk of becoming trite and meaningless. At AB&H, we believe that Agility has its place but when it comes to good business decisions, some things never change. Therefore, before approving a large budget (or even a small budget) the business or organisation needs to understand what the benefits will be and how those benefits (once identified) will be realised.

The activities that comprise the work breakdown need to be elaborated in such a manner that all stakeholders involved in the project can see the big picture and the detail. Timelines, risks and issues need to be on the table, so that they can be managed. Big projects may need to be decomposed into smaller projects, so that a decision can be made to change course without being locked into a path that leads to failure.

Creativity is needed in a changing world but discipline and structured processes cannot be abandoned. A project is a unique activity for a unique product or service and it has a fixed budget and a fixed timeline. A project must deliver and cannot go on endlessly, no matter how much creativity is applied. At AB&H we collaborate on your journey to success, not on a journey that has no defined outcome and no discipline to deliver the defined benefits.