AB&H Technology Services values its clients and their success is our success.


Lupin Co

I am more than happy to endorse AB&H, who have shown themselves to be competent, efficient and knowledgeable. Their approach to Agile project management has enabled me to reduce costs and improve efficiency without incurring high project management costs. They also introduced The Lupin Co to an additional platform to distribute our product.

-David Fienberg


Australian Exploration Engineering

We are a long-standing client of AB&H and we continue to use their services because they continue to provide what we need. They provide excellent service and optimal advice to help us advance our projects and improve efficiency.

-Luke Prior


Bohr Industries

We are at the leading edge of Research & Development and AB&H has provided excellent services that have enabled us to continue with our research and reduce our overheads. We are very impressed with their detailed knowledge and experience in project management and their responsiveness to our needs.

-Joshua Letcher



Being a very small company I wasn’t sure if there was much point in looking at R&D incentives, however, AB&H made the whole process relatively simple. Our collaborative relationship with AB&H has reduced our project costs and shown us how to improve our processes. We are more than satisfied.

-Nick Ellwood


Top EV Racing & Innovations

With precision, thoroughness, and prompt engagement, AB&H takes care of our technical requirements.  Their team’s experience is evident in the ease of their progression through all facets of our needs, which in turn brings confidence to our stakeholders.  Pragmatic and propulsive, our company advances dynamically with the services of AB&H.

– Michael Fragomeni  (Director, Electro-Motive Engineer)


Optimum Health and Management Services

In collaboration with AB&H, a new world was presented to our business. Research and Development Tax Incentives, reduction of project overheads and targets all became more achievable. We look forward to continued success and building a stronger relationship with AB&H Technology Services.

– Dr Graeme Wright