Application Development

At AB&H we’ve seen it all, from the days of punched paper tape and cards, and computers the size of a shipping container (and built like one too!). We have been involved in all steps of the evolution that has led to computers that are now strapped onto your wrist. We’ve worked with all of the evolving technologies but one thing remains the same – computers and information processing devices serve the user – not the other way around! We develop applications to empower your users and your business.

The advent of Cloud Computing has resulted in many businesses and organisations making the migration to “one size fits all” cloud services and there are many benefits in doing so but every business is unique and each may require its own customised solution to reach out and do business with clients and customers. Bespoke Application Development is still required! One size fits all might suit your internal (administration) business needs but they are not so suitable when you reach out to engage with your collaboration partners and customers. Your business needs a competitive edge and we can deliver it.

As with all software development projects, the first step is planning, followed by development and deployment. At AB&H we ensure that the planning process requires consideration of goals and how the application will be used. We understand the importance of elaborating requirements and using them as a basis for the customer acceptance testing, so that an objective assessment can determine if the final product is fit for purpose.

We focus on user-centric design and involve the users during the design phase. We focus on users and their goals – if they don’t like it then they probably won’t use it. We develop prototypes so that users can interact and provide feedback.

At AB&H we can deliver solutions that are designed, constructed and deployed to work on-line, on the desktop, on a laptop and on mobile devices such as phones and tablets. We enable users to improve their efficiency by taking the business to clients and completing the workflows on the spot. The client sees immediate results and business is transacted on the spot.

We understand that the User Interface is crucial to success. A tablet device is used very differently to a laptop/desktop and the business rules that underpin the application must be easy to apply when using the application. Colour and contrast, consistency and clarity are important design principles that make a difference between a clumsy, inefficient application and one that works as fit for purpose. At AB&H we examine the workflow and design the application to be consistent with the workflow, so that the steps involved are minimal and intuitive.

Our Application Development Toolset has a rich selection of Themes & Styles, Conditional Formatting, Pick Lists, Popovers and Button Bars that can be applied to deliver a first-class application for your business. We build it to suit your needs!


We’ve worked with all of the evolving technologies but one thing remains the same – computers and information processing devices serve the user