Professional Training Services

Start with the ‘known’ and progress to the ‘unknown’. Empower your team to achieve better results for your business.

AB&H offers the following training programs:

Project Management – Learn how to achieve project success within defined timeframes and within the approved budget, ensuring your achievement of the defined benefits.

Application Development – Learn how to develop a solution that makes technology work for your business. Learn how to develop a data model that is tailored to your business needs, with an interface that is easy to learn and use.

Business Case Development – Learn how to develop a business case that provides a road map to a successful outcome for your business. Projects should be a journey to success – not a journey of discovery without defined goals or methods.

Configuration Management – Congratulations, you’ve just spent 2 years developing a totally innovative product that is a ‘game changer’ and it’s going to make you a fortune but you did not understand the importance of Configuration Management and when you shipped your prototype for field trials, there was an accident and it was totally destroyed. When you tried to re-build it from scratch you discovered that the Requirements Baseline, Design (Allocated) Baseline, and Product Baseline had not been maintained. In fact you had very little documentation regarding your prototype. You built a ‘throw away’ product that even if it had not been destroyed could not have been maintained or operated by the customer. If you don’t know what a Configuration Item is or you don’t know what a CMDB is, then you need this training!


Empower your team to achieve better results for your business.

Training is tailored to suit the needs of your business.